Bad Check Tracker - Screen Shots

These are a few screen shots of some of the key components of Bad Check Tracker. Click on the images to enlarge them.

This is the main Bad Check Tracker window. The right portion is the customer database. The left portion contains all the case information. On the displayed tab, you will notice that the case stage and date are in red. This is because it is time to move on to the next stage.

This shows the notice stages that are available.

Example of a Final Notice. This can be printed on most company letterhead.

Example of a the Current Bad Check List report, which displays all the Open cases and their current status.

Example of a the Complete Bad Check List report, which displays all the cases (open and closed) along with the final results.

Do Not Accept Checks From These People report. This report lists all the people you do not want your employees to accept checks from. When distributed to your staff (or even posted in plain view of the general public), this report becomes an extremely valuable tool - which is why it's only available to registered users after the trial period.

You can accept multiple payments. This section of the program tracks and calculates payments, processing fees and collections fees.

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